About Palm Lane Digital


Who is Palm Lane Digital?

We are a boutique “un-agency” in sunny, Phoenix, Arizona.  By “un-agency” we mean that it was never our goal to be a full-service digital marketing agency. Instead, we offer solutions to fill in the gaps to your marketing program or skillsets missing from your marketing team.  Look at us as part consultant, part freelancer, part marketing therapist!

Our mission is to bring clarity to the complex environment of digital marketing so that you can focus on what’s important: growing your business. We want your team to feel empowered to tackle marketing challenges on their own, but we’re here to chart the waters and get shit done in the meantime.

Our Founder


Our Founder and Strategic Lead, Kayla Tarantino, has been helping businesses achieve digital marketing success since 2013.

Kayla has roots in SEO, content strategy, and inbound marketing and has helped businesses of all sizes and types achieve their marketing goals.

“Kayla is someone I could bounce ideas off of, give me her honest assessment, and help mold decisions that have been instrumental in moving the business forward.” - Jay Alpert, Totally Awesome Goods 2013

Approaching and solving a variety of marketing problems gets her excited. So, let her be your “marketing therapist”, and lay it all on the table...