Move Forward with Palm Lane Digital

The idea for Palm Lane was born after I made the switch from a digital content strategist role at a leading agency in the Phoenix Valley to an in-house marketing role with a tech start-up. I realized there were agencies looking to land the “big guys” with tailored digital strategies and long-term commitments, and then there were agencies focused on high-volume, small-businesses-at-scale that typically apply the same strategy across them all.

It was harder to find the “in-between.” An agency with top-rate talent and strategy that was willing to function on a leaner budget, with a highly dynamic and flexible process. So, I set out to personally be that in-between solution. The solution for business owners who aren’t quite ready to hire their own full-time digital marketing teams but also aren’t willing to settle for mediocre strategy and services.

I work with the business owner that needs a flexible strategy to accommodate pivots in their business plans. The business owner who can’t sign a two-year contract in hopes of growing their business, and who don’t have the business runway to wait 3 months for a formal strategy before they take action.

My motto is: keep moving forward. That’s the underlying goal of Palm Lane—to keep businesses, business owners and lean marketing teams moving toward the growth of their business. Whether that be through ongoing managed services of social campaigns, or marketing automation, through weekly “sanity check” calls and consulting, or through last-minute PR outreach for a campaign in trouble. We aim to be the glue that holds your marketing program together in the short-term and eventually cements it in place long-term.

Because of this approach, our services range widely from full-service digital programs to consulting business owners on how to win on their own, and everything in between. Our strategies are always custom to each client’s needs. Offerings include management of social media, email marketing, and content marketing programs, and also experience design, promotional contests, campaigns and events, and more. If you have an idea for growing your business then we’re here to support your goals. If you don’t have those ideas, that’s okay too—we’re here to help you find them!

Welcome to the world Palm Lane Digital, I’m extremely excited to work with some awesome people through this brand!

About Kayla Tarantino

Content and inbound marketing strategist based in Phoenix, Arizona.